Zoning The Path To Health


Zoning By Appointment Only

We know that your health needs need attention and care so please contact us by phone or text. You can get a message to us when it is convenient for you.

Wellness Support

We will support you in building a healthier you. We will keep you on the path of well-being via regular zoning and you applying the instructions that we give to you. 

Pricing And Preparation For Zoning

Appointment Rates: 

One Visit: $40 

Package: Four or more purchased at once: $30 

Children 12 and under: $30 

Additional discounts for families 

Each visit will take 1 hour 

What to Expect: 

We will go over diet, exercise routine, general physical, mental and emotional health. 

Please arrive with: 

Feet clean  

Nails clipped 

No heavy lotions or oils please