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What is Foot Zoning?

Foot zoning is a natural way to help heal and rejuvenate the body.  We use the signal systems on the feet to help our bodies rid themselves of toxins and to renew cells and bring our bodies back to our inner blueprint. 

Every bone, muscle and organ of our body is represented on the foot.  Zoning reconnects the disconnected energy between the mental, physical and emotional body.  In the zoning process the DNA code is reminded how to rebuild a perfect cell. 

The feet reveal residues and disturbances from food, drinks and eating habits, as well as chemicals, parasites, bacteria and fungus that are in our bodies.  Emotional formations, disturbed feelings and mental formations and disturbances are also visible.

Professionalism Standards For Zoning

Each zoning session consists of a foot analysis and a foot balance. 


Foreign objects in the body  

Organ transplants 

Less than 8 weeks since surgery 

Chemotherapy or radiation  

Less than 4 weeks since internal bleeding 

Zoning Care

When you come for an appointment please observe:

Clean feet. 

Trimmed nails. 

Please no heavy oils and lotions. 


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